Factored Quality Changelog: April 2024

Factored Quality Changelog: April 2024

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Factored Quality Changelog: April 2024

Update 1

CSV Upload

You can now create Purchase Orders and their associated Suppliers and Products using our new CSV bulk upload tool. You can find this on the Purchase Orders page for now, but soon it will be rolling out to the booking creation flow.

Upload CSV of bulk POs and map the data to the required format

View errors and correct them with AI

Make edits in line

Finish uploading and view your POs

Update 2

Performance Improvements

We made huge improvements to the performance of Purchase Orders and Booking creation.

Update 3

User Management Updates

User archiving (and unarchiving) is now rolled out to all accounts.

Update 4

API Development Advances

Our API has been rewritten from the ground up and we will soon kick off the migration process for all API users.

Update 5

Interface and Usability Enhacements

We’ve relaunched our sidebar minimization feature to improve usability on smaller screens

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