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product compliance

AI Compliance Gap Analysis

Starting the compliance process at Factored Quality is easy. Simply follow the three steps below:
Step 1
Provide all relevant product details (product spec sheet, dimensions, materials, etc) and the markets you are selling into. Following submission, our system will conduct an AI-generated analysis and a PDF report will be promptly dispatched to your email address.
Step 2
The initial AI-generated analysis does not undergo validation by Factored Quality. To validate these findings, schedule a call with the FQ team for a thorough review and consultation. Already an FQ customer? This information is logged and saved in your FQ account along the way.
Step 3
Schedule relevant product and compliance testing based on findings of the Compliance Gap Analysis.
Product compliance

What is Product Compliance?

Compliance is the adherence to specific regulatory requirements established by government or industry authorities in each country. Products are held to varying degrees of regulations depending on industry vertical and/or intended use of the product.

Requirements for product compliance regulations can typically be broken down into three primary categories: material and chemical reporting, product reliability/certification and producer responsibility. There are currently millions of compliance tests in existence, most of which fall into these five categoires:

• Product Safety & Physical

• EMC/EMI, RF, (Electrical/Electronic)

• Chemical, Biological, Environmental

• Full Scope (included for all above)

• Other

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