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Factored Quality brings all of your quality control and compliance operations together into one unified platform.

Quality Control




The Problem

Global coverage and visibility

Factored Quality connects brands with QC, compliance, and testing inspectors & auditors, globally. Our network of partners are trained, certified, and vetted, and serve as your eyes and ears on the ground at your local manufacturing sites.

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Factored Quality brings all of your quality control and compliance operations together into one unified platform.

Quality Control




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The Platform

Digital QC Management

Factored Quality streamlines communication between operations teams, labs, and inspectors around the world.

  • Easy bookings for both internal and third-party QC teams
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Supply chain software integrations
  • Access to network of 2000+ inspectors, labs, and auditors in 30+ countries
Factored Quality Web Application

Inspections on "auto-pilot"

We coordinate between brands, inspectors, and factories, to finalize inspections on CRD's or production dates - making it seamless to book QC.


Custom inspection checklists

Work with our team to build custom QC, Compliance, and Testing checklists and protocols


Software Integrations

Connect Factored Quality with your PO management tool, ERP, freight forwarder, or more, to seamlessly book QC inspections, testing, or compliance audits.



Automatically generate relevant QC analytics about suppliers, products, etc via the FQ dashboard - giving you an unprecedented level of insight into your supply chains.

Our services

Services for every part of your product journey

From ideation, to production, and even warehousing. FQ has you covered.

Our Customers

Trusted by 100+ of the worlds leading businesses

“Factored Quality has been a game-changer for us. The process is so simple that it almost feels like magic."

Matt Hayes, Director of Operations, Minaal

“This has been a great partnership for Dr. Squatch and a real asset as we continue to build a culture of quality.”

– Erin Vaughan, Associate Project Manager, Quality Assurance

“Quality is a pillar for Status Audio, and FQ ensures we're fully on top of our quality control”.

– James Bertuzzi, Founder & CEO

“Factored Quality has been so instrumental in streamlining and managing the QC process for my company”.

– Lucas Lappe, Founder & Co-CEO

“One click rebooking through FQ is a game changer”.

– Patrick Coddou, Founder & CEO

“FQ simplifies how we manage our QC across multiple regions, and helps us make better manufacturing decisions”.

– Lauralynn Drury, Head of Operations

“Leveraging Factored Quality is such a small cost in comparison to the potential downstream risks that it really is a no-brainer. De-risking your supply chain as much as possible is just the sensible thing to do.”
saved in rework and shipping costs
decreased returns by avoiding quality issues

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