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Factored helps DTC and E-Commerce business book and manage quality control inspectors overseas.
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The world's fastest growing DTC brands use Factored

The worlds first intelligent QC platform

1. Create Checklists

Utilize our Intelligent QC platform to create custom checklists for factory audits and pre-shipment inspections.

2. Book Inspectors

Deploy inspectors to your factories, globally, to perform factory audit and pre-shipment inspections.

3. View Results

View checklist results in real-time, see photo and video evidence of your QC reports and view high-level analytics.

Manage your quality control stress-free

Factored becomes your eyes and ears on the ground. We equip a global network of quality control inspectors with software that enables you to get a first-hand view of your factory floor, without ever leaving your desk.

A digital end-to-end Quality Control experience.

We've built the world's most intelligent QC platform. We help you ensure that you're producing the highest quality goods for your customers - all without getting on the phone even once (unless you want to).

Some of the brands who trust Factored

Venture backed, e-commerce, and traditional retail businesses across the globe trust Factored to manage their quality control.