Factored Quality Changelog: June 2024

Factored Quality Changelog: June 2024

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Factored Quality Changelog: June 2024

Update 1

Document Manager

Our latest update introduces the Document Management feature, a centralized hub for all your files, including inspection files, tech packs, and reports. This tool allows you to tag and associate files with bookings, suppliers, products, SKUs, and purchase orders, enhancing tracking and organization. Easily upload new documents and customize views through sorting and column organization. This update streamlines document management, providing greater visibility and control over your files, and improving overall workflow efficiency!

Update 2

Checklist Builder

We are excited to announce a new checklist feature on our platform! Now you can browse hundreds of preloaded checklists or create custom ones, tailored to your product needs. Each checklist includes descriptions, pass criteria, and sample sizes, and can be edited or expanded. Assign checklists to multiple SKUs in the booking flow, ensuring consistent inspections. This enhancement provides greater control over quality processes by allowing you to customize and manage your checklists with ease.

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