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Becoming "FQ Certified" offers brands a competitive edge by showcasing their commitment to quality control and ethical labor practices, enhancing brand image, and fostering consumer trust. The certification assures consumers that certified products meet stringent quality standards, increasing confidence and loyalty among ethical-minded shoppers.
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Brands and Products
Show your brand's commitment to quality and social ethics by displaying the FQ Certification logo on qualifying products. To submit a product for certification, please be prepared to complete and provide documentation on the checklist below:

General Requirements

1. QC Inspections

Above 80% of POs inspected (in-line, pre-shipment, etc.)

Why it matters: Inspecting a high percentage of POs helps mitigate the risk of defective or substandard products reaching customers. By thoroughly examining a large portion of the production output, quality issues are likely to be identified and corrected before distribution.

2. Supplier Audits

Brands submitting a product for certification must work with exclusively FQ Certified suppliers to produce this product. If these manufacturers are not FQ certified, please complete the below list of audits in collaboration with your supplier:

  • Factory Audit - Standard GMP Audit
  • Ethical/Social Audit
  • Environmental Audit

Why it matters: FQ CertifIed ensures that suppliers adhere to strict quality control standards, leading to consistent quality across products. This consistency is essential for meeting the requirements of our product certification program.

3. Product + Compliance Testing

Necessary product compliance testing completed (within the last 12 months) in all countries where the product is sold. This compliance testing must be completed on a yearly basis in order to maintain certification status.

Why it matters: Compliance testing helps ensure that products are safe for consumers to use. In order to achieve FQ certification, we must verify that products meet applicable safety standards to reduce the risk of potential legal liabilities.

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