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“Factored Quality has been a game-changer for us. The process is so simple that it almost feels like magic."

- Matt Hayes, Director of Operations, Minaal

“This has been a great partnership for Dr. Squatch and a real asset as we continue to build a culture of quality.”

– Erin Vaughan, Associate Project Manager, Quality Assurance

“Quality is a pillar for Status Audio, and FQ ensures we're fully on top of our quality control”.

– James Bertuzzi, Founder & CEO

“Factored Quality has been so instrumental in streamlining and managing the QC process for my company”.

– Lucas Lappe, Founder & Co-CEO

“One click rebooking through FQ is a game changer”.

– Patrick Coddou, Founder & CEO

“FQ simplifies how we manage our QC across multiple regions, and helps us make better manufacturing decisions”.

– Lauralynn Drury, Head of Operations

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