How Factored Quality Works

We worry about quality control so you don’t have to.

The world’s top DTC, E-Commerce, and retail brands rely on Factored to power their global supply chains.
Our software + managed services help you book trained QC inspectors in all over the world to inspect your goods.

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Quality Control Reimagined

Easily book trained QC inspectors wherever you manufacture to ensure your customers receive the highest quality goods.
Build high quality products for your customers.
Certify that your factories work under ethical conditions.
Minimize returns, rework, and unnecessary cost.

We Run Quality Control For You

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Easy and Helpful Onboarding

Schedule a meeting with one of our Quality Control experts and gain access to the platform. Once your account has been set up, you will be able to book inspections directly from our easy-to-use dashboard anywhere in the world.

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A Single Source of Truth for Quality Control

After your inspection has been completed, you will receive a package complete with photos, videos, and a detailed report documenting the outcome.

Once you have a few inspections completed through our system, you will receive analytics specific to your products and suppliers so you have actionable data to improve your supply chain.

End-to-end Customer Experience

If at any point you need help, one of our dedicated experts will be able to guide you through the process.

Custom Support Staff

Customer Stories

You don’t need to take our word for it - see why Factored Quality is used by world-class consumer brands to deliver high-quality products to our customers.
Loveseen Product Package

FQ simplifies how we manage our QC across multiple regions, and helps us make better manufacturing decisions.

- Lauralynn Drury, Head of Operations

Supply Razor

One click rebooking through FQ is a game changer.

- Patrick Coddou, Founder & CEO

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Factored Quality has been so instrumental in streamlining and managing the QC process for my company.

- Lucas Lappe, Founder & Co-CEO

Status On-Ear Headphones

Quality is a pillar for Status Audio, and FQ ensures we're fully on top of our quality control.

- James Bertuzzi, Founder & CEO

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