Building Factored Quality: Meet John Reynolds, our Account Executive with 10+ years of logistics experience

Building Factored Quality: Meet John Reynolds, our Account Executive with 10+ years of logistics experience

We’re sitting down with our latest AE to give you a closer look at the unmatched QC knowledge powering FQ.

“Coming to FQ felt like the right next step. With my freight background, I’ve seen the effects of poor quality. All that time invested in POs means nothing if you get a defective product and you can't sell it.”
John Reynolds
John Reynolds
Account Executive at Factored Quality

Our team at Factored Quality has come together by finding passionate experts throughout the supply chain and letting their experience guide brands, regardless of industry or size.

John Reynolds, our newest Account Executive, is no different. With over a decade in freight forwarding at Flexport and Expeditors, John brings a valuable perspective to help e-commerce brands understand the value of robust QC processes.

We chatted about his career and how his experience in the freight industry informs his commitment to quality that helps clients here at FQ.

Our conversation covers:

  • John’s career journey from warehousing to QC
  • How John’s experience supports e-commerce brands
  • What drew John to work with FQ

John’s journey from freight to quality control

John got his start in warehouse operations right out of high school when he was hired by Expeditors. What started as a job driving forklifts and loading trucks during college turned into a full-time office position focused on customs brokerage. He quickly learned the logistics trade as he handled imports for major auto manufacturers, such as Toyota and Nissan.

After five years in the same job, John was ready for a change. He wanted to use his logistics knowledge in a new way, so he joined Flexport’s Sales team. In his new role, John began managing accounts for e-commerce brands, giving him a close look at how different companies manage quality control.

“When I started at Flexport, I didn't understand what quality control was. I thought, ‘Why can't you just book the shipment on time? Why do you have to inspect every shipment? Just trust your supplier that it's going to be done.’ Now, QC is my central focus.”

Over his five years at Flexport, John saw how QC issues directly impacted his clients’ businesses, from shipping costs to customer satisfaction. Now, he’s bringing that knowledge to Factored Quality.

Supply chain knowledge enables John to help brands invest in product quality

With his extensive background in freight, John brings a unique perspective on the importance of quality control. He has seen the impacts of poor quality, allowing him to identify and solve QC challenges for clients so they avoid costly mistakes. His time in the freight industry gave him real-world examples of the long-term benefits of QC he can pass along.

“Many brands don't see QC as a need until there's an issue. My job is to tell a story to help potential customers understand the value of investing in quality.”

Sharing these stories helps John show clients that robust quality control protects their reputations, whether with customers or retailers. “I had a customer at Flexport who shipped heavy machinery,” he recalls. “If their suppliers say they used a specific type of metal but it was made out of something else, it would cause major problems. And if they were working with a big retailer with strict requirements, it could ruin that relationship, especially one that’s just starting out.”

Offering these practical insights ensures clients see QC as a strategic investment, not just another expense.

“Thinking outside the box”: Why John jumped into quality control with FQ

John’s understanding of the importance of QC aligns with his love for supporting e-commerce brands. That quality-focused passion is what drew John to join our team. He sees FQ as a quality control trailblazer, always thinking of new ways to address clients’ challenges and improve over time.

“Everyone at FQ is thinking of things that haven't been done before. And then we get to go find out if they work. That's a big part of the fun of being at a brand like this.”

As the next step in his career, John sees Factored Quality as a perfect fit for the dedication he’s grown over the last ten years. “I fell in love with e-commerce brands and seeing them take off from being a small five-person apparel brand to being in big box stores everywhere. In this role, I can work with many of the same brands, just in a different way,” he says.

See what makes FQ a trusted resource for brands of all sizes. Book a personalized demo today and get started.

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