Factored Quality announces new funding from Vinyl Capital + Pari Passu Venture Partners, bringing total raised to over $7M

FQ x Vinyl

We’re excited to take Factored Quality to the next level with a $1.5M up round from Vinyl Capital + Pari Passu Venture Partners (PPVP) and the release of two groundbreaking products: FQ Integrations & FQ Analytics. 

We’ve now raised $7.1M in total funding from Y Combinator, Vinyl Capital, PPVP, Dynamo Ventures, BAM Ventures, Amity Ventures, and 40+ founders in supply chain tech and eCommerce. 

The entire team at Factored Quality is thrilled to add TJ, Travis and Jake from Vinyl Capital, and Dylan, Kyle, and Julia from PPVP - generational eCom enablement investors - to our cap table, and even more excited to build software that truly digitizes and improves the most painful part of building a consumer goods brand.

“We’ve seen a trend of consumer goods brands being forced to do more with less through our portfolio of e-com enablement companies like Klavyio and Postscript. As a function - we’ve focused heavily on investing in platforms and tools that enable this boost in productivity. Factored Quality does exactly that for a niche and neglected, but often painful part of a brand’s product lifecycle. We’re excited to be a part of their journey and help where we can.”   - Travis Lowry, GP at Vinyl Ventures

Most importantly, this injection of funding allows us to expand our support for 100+ brands like Canopy, Dr. Squatch, and Lalo to run QC, testing, and compliance - anywhere around the globe. 

"Working with Factored Quality has really been a no-brainer for the Canopy team. Nailing Quality Control saves us significant costs and headaches down the line.”
– Mike De Santis, Marketing & Operations Lead at Canopy

Over the past year, Factored Quality has helped brands like Canopy save over $70,000 in rework and shipping costs and Halfdays save $130,000 in returns errors - and this is just the start.

“We’re just getting started on our mission of building infrastructure that makes life easier for high growth consumer goods brands. With this new $1.5M in funding, we’re thrilled today to bring the Vinyl team and their exposure and experience with the commerce economy along for the ride and build something together that’s truly generational.” 
– Prince Ghosh, CEO of Factored Quality

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