October 2023

Factored Quality Changelog: October 2023

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Read through for an overview of our most recent platform updates. This month's updates include Anvyl Integration improvements, the addition of an internal QMS system, and Pay As You Go pricing adjustments.
October 2023

Update 1

Anvyl Integration Improvement

Anvyl has been a long-time partner of Factored Quality and for many consumer goods brands, serves as their “system of record." Anvyl is a purchase order management platform that consumer goods brands use to create and issues purchase orders.

Factored Quality and Anvyl have had a longstanding partnership. Historically, brands have been able to sync their Factored Quality and Anvyl platforms, so any product or supplier changes in Anyvl are reflected in the Factored Quality platform.

Now, with the next version of our Anvyl x Factored Quality partnership, brands can sync their products, suppliers, and purchase orders.

What does this mean?

When a brand creates purchase orders in Anvyl - those orders will be auto-synced to the Factored Quality platform.

From there, brands will be able to choose relevant purchase orders they want to run inspections on - and can book anything from an in-line inspection, pre-shipment inspection, or inventory audit on the products/suppliers designated in the purchase order.

This feature allows for an unprecedented level of automation between operations, supply chain, and quality teams.

Update 2

Update 2

Update 3

Update 3

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