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Why chose Factored Quality instead of working directly with a third-party inspection agency?

Factored Quality is the modern quality control platform preferred by brands – learn why we offer an easier solution that working directly with third-party inspection agencies.
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Here are the top four reasons why
Factored Quality is a simpler solution than working directly with third-party agencies:

Simplified Process
Managing quality control through a direct relationship with third-party inspectors can be complicated and fragmented, requiring manual communication and reporting across multiple inspectors. This approach often leads to delays and inconsistencies. Factored Quality simplifies the process with a centralized platform, providing seamless communication and comprehensive reporting. By choosing Factored Quality, you avoid the operational demands and inefficiencies associated with juggling communications among various third-party inspectors.
Effortless Management
Identifying, vetting, and onboarding reliable third-party inspectors is a time-consuming task that adds hours to your plate. Factored Quality alleviates this burden by providing a pre-vetted network of QC professionals ready to deliver high-quality inspections promptly. This ensures that you can focus on your core business activities without the hassle of managing the inspection process. Without this support, brands spend valuable time and resources on tasks that could be efficiently outsourced to experts.
Expansive Reach
Scaling your brand globally is challenging without a network of trusted partners in place. Factored Quality offers extensive geographical coverage, ensuring consistent quality control services worldwide. This scalability is difficult to achieve with individual third-party inspectors who may not have the resources or reach to support your global operations. Without Factored Quality, your ability to maintain quality across international markets is limited, potentially hindering your global expansion efforts.
Brand Loyalty
Third-party inspectors often juggle multiple clients, leading to divided attention and commitment. Factored Quality provides a dedicated team focused solely on your brand and product, ensuring thorough and consistent quality control. Our inspectors are fully committed to maintaining your standards and supporting your success. Without this dedicated commitment, you risk receiving subpar service from inspectors who are not fully invested in your brand’s quality.
factored quality vs RELYING ON YOUR SUPPLIERS

More reasons to choose Factored Quality

Store existing reports or upload previously completed reports to the FQ platform. Sort reports by category, add dates, and set reminders for future QC inspections, supplier audits, and product testing. 
Automate the flow of your data in and out of the Factored Quality platform by easily integrating with your ERP, PO management systems, freight forwarders, and more.
Analytics + External API
Visualize and manage all of your product quality data in one interface with a filterable, customizable analytics dashboard. Or, extract this data from our platform and implement it within the tools of your choice.
“Factored Quality ensures that we can grow Jolie as a business. As production orders get bigger and more frequent, the supply chain needs to keep working. And inspections are an integral piece of that, which FQ takes off our plate.”
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