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How Jolie reduced returns to less than 5% with Factored Quality

Jolie Skin Co.
Jolie return rate after streamlined QC

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“We’ve built a product and packaging experience that ensures as minimal errors as possible. But having someone to automate quality control has made things much easier. This way, Factored Quality ensures we can grow our business.”
Arjan Singh
Arjan Singh
Co-Founder and Head of Brand Marketing & Operations


Jolie is the beauty and wellness company creating water purification products for better skin, hair, and whole-body health. They currently offer a filtering shower head that removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants from shower water. 

The brand turned to Factored Quality’s global quality control platform to automate their manufacturing. Today, the brand spends less time on ops and management — and more time on marketing to ride their ongoing wave of success.

The Challenge

Automated QC is crucial for high-growth brands

After the Jolie shower head exploded in popularity overnight, Arjan Singh, Co-Founder and Head of Brand Marketing & Operations at Jolie, had to double down on his marketing duties in order to keep the wave of interest going. As such, he made automating ops his top priority. 

Every component of the shower heads — the filters, the packaging, and so on — is manufactured in separate factories and then sent to one location for assembly and shipping. Across these processes, it’s Arjan’s responsibility to oversee quality control and inspections for every unit across every factory. 

That workload was already extensive, while Jolie was scaling much quicker than originally anticipated. With this, finding an automated QC solution became critical.

The solution

Factored Quality provides automated QC with white-glove support

After Arjan discovered Factored Quality, he quickly realized our intelligent QC platform was the solution he’d been looking for. 

In addition to the tech’s automated features, the FQ team’s hands-on support helped Arjan reclaim hours of work to rededicate to marketing efforts. For instance, even if he shoots us a last-minute request about an inspection in a few days, “the team is always willing to help out,” Arjan emphasizes. “FQ makes it feel like white-glove service.” 

Today, the combination of FQ’s automated platform and highly responsive team enables the Jolie team to run a sleek, focused brand.

“We needed to work with a partner who can give me quick, easy-to-digest updates. The role I’m in is split, so it can’t be solely focused on operations. This makes Factored Quality even more important as we grow.”

The Results

Since onboarding with Factored Quality, Jolie has gained a reliable partner to manage the quality control side of their business. Here’s a look at some trackable results driven by FQ: 

  • Streamlined QC helped reduce Jolie’s return rate to less than 5%

Ultimately, FQ ensures the company’s product quality, brand reputation, and user satisfaction, while the Jolie team can refocus their time & resources on scaling the business. 

“Factored Quality ensures that we can grow Jolie as a business. As production orders get bigger and more frequent, the supply chain needs to keep working. And inspections are an integral piece of that, which FQ takes off our plate.”

Looking forward, as Jolie sees more growth, Arjan’s priority is streamlining their supply chain. Factored Quality’s innovative QC platform will only continue to support those efforts.

FQ has become Jolie’s integral partner in ensuring inspections happen quickly, effectively, and with clear communication about any QC concerns.

As production orders grow larger and more frequent, Arjan is excited to keep partnering with FQ for the long haul to optimize their supply chain in accordance with their scale.

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