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Why chose Factored Quality over other inspection companies?

Factored Quality is the modern quality control platform preferred by brands – learn why we outshine other inspection companies.
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Here are the top four reasons why
Factored Quality outperforms other inspection companies:

Geographical Coverage
Factored Quality provides comprehensive coverage in 30+ countries, with ongoing expansion to meet customer needs. Our hybrid approach combines dedicated inspectors with vetted QC partners, ensuring consistent and reliable service worldwide. In contrast, other inspection companies often claim extensive coverage but typically provide significantly lower service quality outside of major regions like China. Our commitment to global excellence ensures you receive top-notch service no matter where you operate.
Consistent Service
Our efficient processes allow us to conduct inspections within 2 business days after the initial visit to a supplier. If you book on a Monday, inspections can begin by Wednesday. We offer transparent, flat rates with no hidden travel or stay fees, ensuring consistent pricing. Other inspection companies frequently require longer lead times, typically 4-5 business days, and are less flexible with scheduling changes. Additionally, they often impose surprise travel and stay fees, making budgeting unpredictable.
Our intuitive software is continually evolving to meet your needs. It offers seamless integrations for efficient scheduling and an advanced analytics layer providing insights into product failure rates, factory performance, and quality data traceability. Additionally, our user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation and quick access to critical information. Unlike other inspection companies, whose platforms offer only rudimentary analytics, our software is designed with feedback from industry leaders to provide comprehensive, actionable insights.
Customer Support
Factored Quality prioritizes exceptional customer service, working with over 100 top D2C brands. Each client receives a dedicated operations representative, custom checklist assistance, and a satisfaction guarantee. Post-inspection Loom videos offer detailed visibility, making it easy to share results. Other inspection companies, especially those acquired by PE firms, often reduce client touchpoints to maximize margins. At Factored Quality, we ensure your satisfaction and success, providing the support and transparency needed to maintain high-quality standards.
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More reasons to choose Factored Quality

Store existing reports or upload previously completed reports to the FQ platform. Sort reports by category, add dates, and set reminders for future QC inspections, supplier audits, and product testing. 
Automate the flow of your data in and out of the Factored Quality platform by easily integrating with your ERP, PO management systems, freight forwarders, and more.
Analytics + External API
Visualize and manage all of your product quality data in one interface with a filterable, customizable analytics dashboard. Or, extract this data from our platform and implement it within the tools of your choice.
“Quality is the last thing companies think about and the first thing customers notice. This is a big white space in the field of technology and we are really glad that we found Factored Quality.”
saved annually on personnel costs
decrease in quality control costs
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