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How Brooklinen decreased quality control costs by 20% with Factored Quality

Decrease in quality control costs
Saved annually on personnel costs

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“Quality is the last thing companies think about and the first thing customers notice. This is a big white space in the field of technology and we are really glad that we found Factored Quality.”
JD Davis
JD Davis
Director of Production, Quality & Procurement at Brooklinen


Brooklinen is known as the makers of ‘The Internet’s Favorite Sheets,’ but are much more than that. Brooklinen offers bedding, bath, loungewear, all with the goal of making you comfortable at home without the luxury markup. 

The Challenge

Quality control can make or break Brooklinen’s reputation for luxurious products

High quality at an affordable price has always been the name of the game for Brooklinen. Take it from JD Davis, their Director of Production, Quality & Procurement:  “Our goal is to provide high quality products, at the right price, to the right people, at the right time for our consumers.”

The Brooklinen team partners with first-rate manufacturers, but it was still difficult to ensure that each product lived up to their high standards. According to JD, the team went through multiple quality control and inspection solutions, but as their in-house capacity grew limited, they realized the need for a QC platform that could scale the impact of their two - person product quality team. That’s when they came across Factored Quality. 

“Our previous inspection providers always tried to convince us they were the perfect choice for us. With Factored Quality, their team was instantly committed to us making the right decision for our brand — whatever that may be. That’s when we knew we had found the perfect fit for Brooklinen.”

The solution

Factored Quality helps Brooklinen nail their product quality at scale

While searching for QC partners, Brooklinen identified that they wanted a platform that was able to grow alongside them as they continued to scale the company. After onboarding with Factored Quality, they knew they would be the right partner for this.

To optimize and scale Brooklinen’s QC strategy, the FQ team focused on identifying pain points in their inspection process and selecting the perfect solutions from their toolkit. According to JD, “Factored Quality took all of our comments, thoughts, and concerns and translated them into action.” We successfully helped Brooklinen: 

  • Leverage cutting-edge yet accessible tech — To ensure smooth QC operations both in-house and for external inspectors, Brooklinen needed a tool at the intersection of user-friendly design and advanced problem-solving. FQ’s platform struck that perfect balance.

  • Scale high-quality production with a lean cost structure — FQ offers an extensive global network of inspectors — all at a lower cost than what most brands can access on their own. Brooklinen utilized this network to find best-in-class inspectors at affordable prices, boosting their volume of inspections and ensuring ultimate product quality. 

In addition to turning their QC ops into a well-oiled machine, JD highlights how energizing it is to work with FQ: “They’re always eager to learn about our problems and find ways to solve them. They have completely changed how we think about inspections.” 

“Factored Quality loves to see their customers succeed — and they know how to help them do it. Their team has helped us iron out all of our inspection problems, however big or small. Plus, they’ve been so positive every step of the way. We never thought we’d find a provider like them.”

The Results

Thanks to FQ, Brooklinen can both scale quality control & reduce costs

Before Factored Quality, Brooklinen was concerned about how to scale operations without increasing headcount and general overhead. Not only did FQ help them do just that — we actually decreased their existing costs. Here’s a snapshot of the results so far:

  • 20% decrease in quality control costs
  • $70,000 saved annually in personnel costs (i.e., in-house QC management)

JD emphasizes that our platform doesn’t just streamline QC. Looking ahead, Factored Quality will empower the Brooklinen team to make “strong, educated decisions” for the long haul by providing rapid, comprehensive data sets about inspection performance. 

“Factored Quality enabled us to make stellar progress in just a few weeks. The team is focused, adaptable, and innovative — and that’s not even the cherry on top. They have been so positive and excited to work with us, even through the trickiest issues.”

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