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Large Room Humidifier

What does it mean to be FQ Certified? FQ Certified recognizes products and their manufacturing processes that meet a strict set of quality and ethical standards. This certification symbolizes a brand or supplier's dedication to quality control and ethical labor practices.

An FQ Certified product, the Large Room Humidifier provides optimal comfort, healthy skin, better sleep, and overall wellness. Canopy chose to pursue FQ Certification to showcase their commitment to transparency, product quality, and best in class manufacturing practices (ethically and environmentally mindful).
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FQ certified SUPPLIER
Canopy’s Supplier
Canopy collaborated with the supplier of their Large Room Humidifier, to complete the necessary requirements for FQ Supplier Certification. See below for a specific list of inspections and audits conducted to meet these requirements:
Brands submitting a product for certification must work with exclusively FQ Certified suppliers to produce this product. This supplier completed the below list of audits within the last 12 months to qualify for FQ Certification.
Factory Audit - Standard GMP Audit  •  Completed 11/28/23Ethical/Social Audit  •  Completed 1/12/24Environmental Audit  •  Completed 12/10/23
Industry-Specific Requirements
Suppliers are required to complete additional audits depending on industry and product category. Morae Packaging completed the below list of audits specific to the health and beauty industry to obtain FQ Certified status:
ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices Audits  •  Completed 2/5/24ISO 9001 Quality System Audits  •  Completed 11/20/23ISO 45001 Management Systems of Occupational Health and Safety Audits  • Completed 1/15/24
FQ Certified products
Canopy Large Room Humidifier
QC Inspections
During the FQ Certification process, over 80% of Canopy's product offerings underwent Quality Control inspections. How does the inspection process work? The QC inspection process usually includes a First-Article Inspection when brands develop their first product and a Pre-Shipment Inspection for every repeating production cycle. Quality control inspections are pivotal in ensuring product integrity and adherence to standards.
Why it matters: Inspecting a high percentage of POs helps mitigate the risk of defective or substandard products reaching customers. By thoroughly examining a large portion of the production output, quality issues are likely to be identified and corrected before distribution.
Product + Compliance Testing
Canopy completed the necessary product compliance testing (within the last 12 months) in all countries where the product is sold.

Product and Compliance Testing involves evaluating manufactured goods against specific standards and requirements. This assessment covers performance, safety, durability, and ensures packaging and labeling compliance with regulations across different countries. Lab testing is essential to examine the chemical composition and performance thoroughly. The goal is to detect and address any issues or defects early in production, ensuring the final product meets all necessary specifications and standards..

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