A guide to quality control inspections in China

Factory floor

Quality control is a tool for making sure that your product is being developed according to the proper standards, or specific and measurable targets to meet and check the product against. QC inspections may assess the final product, individual components, or a partially assembled item. The standards themselves can vary, with allowances for color consistency, size tolerances for proper fits and seals, and electrical standards. If you consider a company synonymous with high-quality products that are built to last, there’s a good chance that the manufacturer has strong quality control standards and processes. With more products being made overseas, it’s important to understand what standards they’re measuring against and how those tests are conducted.

How do inspection services in China work?

China is a key player in the global supply chain for many markets and products, so if a facility in that country supplies something you produce or use for development, ensuring the quality of those products is essential. Quality control inspections in factories in China can cover the production process all the way through packaging and loading. Inspectors may utilize a variety of tools to measure the product for various aspects, such as weight, reflectiveness, reusability, or any aspect that is outlined as an essential standard.

There are also lab testing services available for products. If there are concerns over harmful chemicals being used in consumer goods, lab testing can verify the presence of those substances and determine whether the product is safe. These audits can check against limits and standards set by governments where the product is sold. Without meeting these metrics, an item may be against the rules to even bring it into the target market. Clothes, products for children, electronic components, and building materials are just a few examples where lab testing may be necessary.

In addition to the product itself, audits can also be conducted for ethical workplace conditions to make sure that international standards are followed, health and safety are up to par, and workers are treated humanely. This goes beyond your product, making sure your company is associated with ethical practices and building brand loyalty. 

Why Factored Quality?

No matter what your finished product is, ensuring it’s being developed to your business’s standards is vital for sustaining customer loyalty and brand confidence. If your supplier is in China, one of the key manufacturing hubs in the globe, there are options available to you. Factored Quality can help find you the type and level of testing necessary for your specific situation.

Our platform is a one-stop shop for maintaining quality end products and ethical practices in your global supply chain. We have the infrastructure and expertise to help you book quality control inspectors and auditors in China and around the world.

How can I book inspection services?

If you’re looking to improve your product and cut down long-term costs, simply utilize Factored Quality’s platform. There, you’ll be able to develop a checklist of your needs and requirements or choose from predetermined lists to get started. They’ll then take on the task of finding a certified inspector to perform the audits at your manufacturer’s site. To see the platform in action, book a demonstration.

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