Factored Quality launches three feature improvements: a PDF data conversion tool, a new QC analytics dashboard, and an external API.

API Launch

We’re excited to level up the Factored Quality customer experience with three improved platform features that work both solo and in tandem.

“Factored Quality is thrilled to launch an API that allows brands to not only understand their supply chain through our platform, but to actually extract all of that data from our system and pull it into their unique data stacks and warehouses. This will enable an unprecedented level of visibility and insight into what's actually happening from the factory floor to the front door — for every one of their products.”
Prince Ghosh
Prince Ghosh
CEO of Factored Quality

We’re excited to level up the Factored Quality customer experience with three improved platform features that work both solo and in tandem: 

  1. A PDF data converter to bring your historical QC data online
  2. A new QC analytics dashboard with advanced tooling for your brand data
  3. An external API to ship that converted data wherever you’d like

Many brands have critical data sitting in PDFs stored on drives or in emails, which lack digitization and centralization. Here at Factored Quality, we can ingest nearly all forms and file types of historical data into our systems. So, we built a tool that allows our customers to convert PDFs into an actionable data format. 

We also ensured the process is as easy as possible. Just get your historical data to us however you’d like — upload it to a Box folder, share it on Google Drive, you name it — and we’ll handle the rest. 

“The entire reason we built Factored Quality was that we believed using technology throughout the entire quality control process and digitizing steps would help us build a truly unique data set for our customers. We’ve successfully built that data set. And now, we’ve created the tooling.” - Prince Ghosh, CEO of Factored Quality

When you centralize your entire QC data history in one platform, that not only makes your life easier — it also helps our software provide the most accurate data analytics possible. To make the most of our PDF data conversion, we built an entirely new analytics dashboard. It’s filterable and customizable, empowering you to visualize and manage all of your product quality data in one intuitive interface. 

Even then, we don’t want brands’ QC journeys to stop at our platform. That’s why we built our third latest feature: an external API. With this API, Factored Quality customers can extract all of their data from our application and implement it within the tools of their choice. This unlocks unprecedented levels of cross-platform functionality and end-to-end visibility into product life cycles, sales analysis, and much more. 

We’re especially proud of these features because they enable a first for many of our customers: the ability to pull manufacturing and product quality data and pair it with sales data. 

Factored Quality customers always get first access to new feature rollouts. If you’re an existing FQ customer, all of these tools are ready for you today. Get in touch with your customer success representative for more details. 

Not a Factored Quality customer yet? Book a free demo to learn more today. We have limited spaces available in our beta program, so don’t wait long! 

“Our new tools are fully customizable. We’ve assembled all of your brand’s quality control data in one place and revealed actionable insights from it. From there, we want our customers to leverage the tools in the way that is truly best for their data.”
Andrew Hoagland
Andrew Hoagland
Head of Revenue at Factored Quality

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