How to ensure you manufacture a quality product

Factory inspector checking the products with the code reader

Product manufacturing requires minimizing production costs while creating the highest quality end product. Trying to ensure a specific outcome may seem like a monumental undertaking, but it can be broken down into a series of highly attainable steps.

10 tips for better quality control

1. Test prototypes and end products

Testing your product gives insight into its durability, vulnerabilities, and any unexpected deficiencies in its function. This allows you to troubleshoot and correct any issues before pressing on with a full manufacturing cycle. 

2. Inspect the product regularly throughout the manufacturing process

Inspections shouldn’t be limited to the end product, where a large batch may have already been impacted before the issue is discovered. Instead, perform regular inspections at the beginning, middle, and end of the manufacturing process. This increases the odds of catching problems early, saving you on labor and supply costs. 

3. Create specific and measurable requirements

Outlining standards gives clarity on what parts of your initial designs are essential for implementation, and which are nice-to-haves that could be cut for cost or simplification. It also gives you expectations to compare against when testing your product for accuracy and consistency.

4. Understand customer expectations

In today’s business world, customer reviews and word of mouth can make or break a product. Utilize customer feedback in your iterative design process to ensure your product and its features align with what customers are willing to pay for. 

5. Understand tooling costs

Upgrading a product or expanding the number of varieties can require additional tooling that impacts overall business costs. Fully understanding these helps you improve your product while keeping your business model sustainable. 

6. Audit suppliers

Having a potential supplier audited can help determine whether a relationship with them is going to fulfill your specific product needs and be cost-effective. The audit can also determine issues with the processes of existing suppliers and provide insight into optimizing them.

7. Incorporate traceability 

Traceability requires labeling products with identifying information, such as the date they were manufactured and the technicians who worked on them. This information can help narrow down where in the process a product error may have occurred. 

8. Find the right manufacturer

Not every manufacturer is going to have the right tools and processes for a particular product. Shop around for a supplier while considering their experience and capabilities with similar products, as well as overall costs.

9. Make quality a part of the culture

Why is it that some products are consistently high-quality, while others fall apart? Creating a company culture with high standards for quality isn’t a cliché—it reinforces itself in the manufacturing process because every employee knows what’s expected of them and how their work is evaluated. 

10. Keep an eye on new technologies

Innovations for the manufacturing industry come at a fast pace. From 3D printing to virtual reality, utilizing new technologies can reduce costs or expand your options for product development.

How Factored Quality can help 

Factored Quality is the go-to choice for booking QC inspectors to ensure you’re manufacturing products to your customers’ high standards. No matter where in the world your product is made, we can find you an inspector to help you reduce unnecessary costs while certifying ethical working conditions. Top retail and direct-to-consumer businesses already know to trust us, so book a product demo to find out how we can strengthen your company’s QC processes. 

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