How FQ customers define “quality” in consumer goods

Defining Quality

In this article, we chat with our customers to hear how they define quality and the role FQ plays in helping them achieve that for their brand.

When we have a deep understanding of our manufacturing capabilities and standards, we can become experts in the space and build new products faster and more confidently.
Monica Campbell
Monica Campbell
Senior Product Manager R&D at Misen

With so many brands and products available, consumers seem to be obsessed with “quality.”

In one study, more than one-third of consumers revealed they would pay more for items with a longer than average lifespan. Another study concluded that products must meet customer requirements across four dimensions of quality: durability, reliability, features, and aesthetics.

Even with distinct criteria, quality can be tough to quantify — and all criteria won’t apply to all products for all customers.

At Factored Quality, we’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse group of brands and customers with high quality standards. So we asked some of our partners about their QC processes and what quality means to them, including:

Our conversations covered:

  • How they define a “quality product”
  • What quality means for their customer experience
  • How FQ helps them maintain unique quality standards

Quality evolves with customer demands

In general, an exceptional product satisfies customer needs and serves an intended purpose. Some FQ customers define quality based on whether the product solves a problem, serves as adequate replacements, or works efficiently. 

To keep up with shifting consumer expectation, brands must continuously improve their products — especially if they want to achieve high customer satisfaction

Misen follows 4 standards to produce top-notch tools

Misen's kitchen tools have to meet high quality standards. Monica and her team at Misen use quality testing and insights into what customers want from their cookware to deliver products that are:

  • Durable
  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Stylish but timeless
"Quality is something that is always iterating for us; we are always trying to improve." – Monica Campbell, Senior Product Manager R&D at Misen

Resident Home emphasizes consistency to produce high-quality bedding

Being a DTC solution for mattress and bedding needs, Resident Home’s products require a consistent quality standard process. Kevin Chirackal believes a quality product should adhere to set specifications, manufacturing processes, and performance. 

For his team, this means customers receive the same product and performance, regardless of when or where it’s produced.

“The end consumer should be receiving the same exact product delivering the same exact performance and, in our case, giving you the best sleep of your life!” — Kevin Chirackal, Product Engineer at Resident Home

Relatable prioritizes compliance to drive brand awareness with quality products

Relatable is a pop culture-inspired brand, known for entertaining party games like “What Do You Meme?” To deliver a consistent experience for every customer, Jai and his team have invested in rigorous standards for ensuring quality.

The downstream effects of high QC standards is reflected in the brand’s popularity on social media, amplifying their reputation for fun, quality products to countless prospective buyers.

“We take pride in delivering the best products to our consumers and that means ensuring customer delight every time they engage with our products. When customers love our product, they become brand ambassadors.” — Jai Mirpuri, Senior Manager, Global Sourcing & Production at Relatable

Quality products earn consumer trust and earn more revenue

Investing in quality management ensures that products are reliable, durable, and perform at their best. Higher quality products separate brands from the pack — leading to happier customers and increased revenue.

Misen’s expertise informs product quality

At Misen, trust is the cornerstone of the brand’s ethos. They build trust by positioning themselves as experts in the kitchen space and offering impeccable customer service. 

Understanding their manufacturing capabilities and standards with FQ empowers them to innovate confidently.

“When we have a deep understanding of our manufacturing capabilities and standards, we can become experts in the space and build new products faster and more confidently.” — Monica Campbell, Senior Product Manager R&D at Misen

Misen’s goal is to be as thorough as possible during product inspections to catch any issues before they reach the customer. With Factored Quality, Monica and her team have been able to build out more robust inspection processes that guarantees top quality for every purchase:

“Factored Quality adds a level of transparency critical to building and maintaining a brand.”

Resident Home’s customer experience helps grow revenue

For Resident Home, a focus on quality is not just about success; it’s about growth. Positive customer reviews and word of mouth are the key drivers of their expansion. Once recognized as a quality brand, you can provide more innovations that enhance the customer experience.

Kevin sees quality as the crucial foundation for customer success.

“You must have a quality product to be successful. Customers that enjoy a quality product will have positive energy and reviews to spread the word.” — Kevin Chirackal, Product Engineer at Resident Home

Resident Home has seen Factored Quality as a steadfast partner, reinforcing its commitment to quality. As their footprint and product offerings grew, they knew they needed more inspectors and resources for consistent inspection results. With Factored Quality’s support, they uphold impeccable quality across their manufacturing facilities and distribution centers:

“FQ stepped in and gave us the resources we needed to help our growing business. Now, we continue to uphold the best quality among our network of manufacturing facilities and distribution centers.”

Relatable reinforces what customers love

To Relatable, the act of consistently delivering a quality product is the “core essence” of any successful business. Regardless of your industry, customers are drawn to products that are well made or exceed their expectations.

In the current landscape of social media and product reviews, providing a memorable customer experience is incredibly valuable. Jai’s team monitors customer reviews closely, searching for feedback that can be incorporated into their upcoming product launches.

“Quality is critical to satisfying our customers and retaining their loyalty, so they will continue to buy from us in the future. It makes an important contribution to our long-term revenue and profitability. Simply put, quality is a key differentiator in a crowded market.” — Jai Mirpuri, Senior Manager, Global Sourcing & Production at Relatable

Factored Quality helps brands meet and exceed their quality standards

Quality isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental tenet of success for Misen, Resident Home, and many other Factored Quality customers. 

Our centralized QC platform and white-glove support ensure that their products meet customer expectations and contribute to their ongoing success.

Looking to redefine what quality means for your brand? Book a personalized demo today.

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