How FQ works with cosmetic brands and manufacturers to boost product quality

How FQ works with cosmetic brands and manufacturers to boost product quality

As compliance becomes more complex, finding the right quality control partner will help your brand exceed expectations

Quality control has become far more important to the cosmetics industry in recent years thanks to new regulations like the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MoCRA). However, many brands still rely solely on their co-packaging or co-manufacturing partners to handle QC rather than manage it themselves.

While your brand can delegate QC to co-manufacturers, increasingly strict regulations demand a proactive partner explicitly focused on quality. That’s why FQ works hand-in-hand with cosmetics brands to keep them compliant and elevate their quality standards.

Complicated regulations around beauty products demand a well-rounded QC approach

Every great beauty brand centers on high-quality products. Cosmetics companies must put extra effort into their quality control practices to stand out from their competitors. However, these efforts are complicated by the patchwork of federal and state-specific laws, which can sometimes impose varying standards.

MoCRA grants the FDA expanded authority to ensure greater consistency and product safety for consumers nationwide. However, while MoCRA sets federal guidelines for cosmetic products and labeling, it leaves states to regulate or ban specific ingredients. Sixteen states—including California, Maryland, and Washington—have already passed bans on toxic chemicals and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) in beauty products.

Increased FDA oversight and enforcement mean there is no room for error. Fines or recalls due to non-compliance drain vital resources that could have been invested in growing your brand. Even worse is the reputational damage, which can be long-lasting and difficult to repair.

With a well-rounded approach to quality control, you can ensure every aspect of production meets the highest QC standards. Thorough testing and consistent quality monitoring throughout manufacturing identify potential issues, so only consistently safe products that comply with regulations are sent out into the market. Safe, compliant products decrease the risk of fines and recalls while reinforcing consumer trust, allowing your brand to stand out in any highly competitive market.

Co-packaging and co-manufacturing partners can’t manage quality alone

With increased regulations to navigate, it makes sense to seek out partners who can help fulfill evolving requirements. But beauty brands that rely on their packaging and manufacturing vendors to improve QC face hurdles in meeting higher compliance standards.

Co-packagers and co-manufacturers often lack the specialized understanding and resources needed to effectively monitor and adapt to evolving regulatory changes. As an outsourced partner, their primary focus is on production, not a brand’s legal requirements. Even the most quality-dedicated manufacturers and packagers need to focus on their specialties to grow their business, leaving little time for staying up-to-date on nuanced regulatory requirements that are often changing. 

While co-manufacturers and co-packagers are integral to the production process, relying solely on their standards is not enough to ensure compliance and product quality. You need a two-layer defense against quality issues: your production partners and a dedicated quality specialist. A quality-focused partner adds specialized expertise in regulatory compliance to guarantee that gaps are spotted and addressed as they arise.

FQ works with existing supply chain partners to ensure quality

With Factored Quality, cosmetics brands gain a trusted ally focused entirely on ensuring quality and compliance. Our experts monitor and explain regulatory changes so brands stay compliant with evolving requirements. 

FQ also simplifies the process of managing certificates of analysis (COA). Our platform offers a single source of truth for storing COAs, product information, PO data, and inspection results. And entering the information is simple. Instead of manual sorting and filing, this centralized repository allows you to pull data directly from the PDFs. Now, all your product details can be kept up-to-date so manufacturers, inspectors, and regulators will quickly understand your latest QC improvements.

Take Lion Pose as an example of how partnering with FQ can help. Their skincare products faced quality issues with their China-based manufacturer, which delayed product releases for months. Sending a team member to audit and address the issues would have required an expedited visa they couldn’t obtain.

Rather than deal with recurring QC errors, Lion Pose partnered with FQ for accurate, expert-led product check-ins. FQ’s immense database of QC inspection teams allowed them to find one near their manufacturer. With FQ’s help, they set up detailed QC inspections to guarantee quality results and on-time shipments for their custom skincare bottles. By investing in a quality-focused partner, Lion Pose saved a six-figure deal that would’ve been lost due to a delayed launch, thanks to fewer defects, returns, and recalls.

You need a two-layer defense to protect your quality standards

Co-manufacturers and co-packagers are great at manufacturing and packaging, but they can’t be the last line of defense on quality, either. Cosmetics brands need a dedicated quality support team to protect their products and ensure compliance.

Ready to start simplifying your compliance efforts? Book a demo and get started today!

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