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FQ x Portless

Read on for the download on how our new partner works in your fulfillment favor.

Any brand dealing with traditional supply chains knows how painful it can be to wait for cash flow. 

American companies invest serious money to manufacture inventory in China — only for the finished products to freight across the Pacific Ocean for several months. Once they arrive, brands still have to ship units to their destination country. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Portless, the one platform that solves this odyssey. They’re the fulfillment solution that delivers eCom orders directly from China to your customers’ front doors, saving you both money and months of time along the way. 

Read on for the download on how Portless works in your fulfillment favor. 

Portless streamlines logistics — and therefore your cash flow

Here’s how Portless fulfills eCommerce orders, directly from your manufacturing partners in China to your customers’ front doors: 

  1. Your finished products are sourced from factories anywhere in China and brought to the Portless headquarters in Shenzhen.

  2. Portless flies products directly from Shenzhen to more than 55 countries.

  3. Once the product arrives at its destination country, it undergoes an entirely local shipping experience (like USPS or Royal Mail) and arrives at your customer’s door. 

By streamlining the entire product life cycle — from manufacturing to imports to last-mile delivery — Portless helps expedite your ROI. From there, your brand benefits from added business security and the ability to scale faster than ever before. 

Here are 4 ways Portless optimizes your overseas fulfillment

Curious about what Portless can do for your brand? Here are four of the most common benefits of using Portless to simplify your eCom brand’s fulfillment: 

Benefit #1: Swift cash flow

As simple as it sounds, steady cash flow is critical to keep the lights on for your business. Here are two ways Portless ensures a positive, reliable influx of cash: 

  1. By eliminating overseas shipping from your logistics, Portless helps your brand turn inventory into cash in days — not months. 
  2. The Portless process entails local packaging, which reduces inventory needs, and you can fully load and package goods at the fulfillment center. Once again, this puts cash in your pocket more quickly. 

Benefit #2: Competitive shipping rates

Portless offers highly competitive shipping rates, especially on light weight goods. They accomplish this by: 

  • Eliminating first-mile, mid-mile, and cross-country shipping efforts upfront
  • Only applying shipping costs for the last mile

Another bonus? Brands can benefit from US Section 321, which dictates that shipments worth less than $800 are duty-free. 

Cutting these types of unnecessary costs with Portless can improve margins by a whopping 40%. 

Benefit #3: Faster fulfillment with less overhead

Thanks to Portless, sourcing products from factories in China can take a maximum of two days and eliminate 60+ days of shipping time. 

You no longer need to maintain containers in every country where you sell. Instead, you have one inventory hub, and all local mailing experiences start there. 

Benefit #4: Reduced inventory risk

Portless ensures inventory is available immediately after production. As a result, you no longer have to guess what demand will look like months down the line — helping to avoid overstock and understock scenarios. Instead, you can swiftly and simply fulfill demand. 

Historically, selling and shipping products overseas was daunting, risky, and expensive for DTC brands. Today, Factored Quality and Portless have changed the game. In Part II of this series, we discuss how when you use these solutions in tandem, you can say goodbye to eternal product shipment times and expensive defect issues. 

To learn how FQ and Portless can help your brand scale internationally, check out Part II here.

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