The next phase of Factored Quality: Q2 2023 Update

Product overview

Learn more about our latest updates and exactly what you can expect from the next phase of Factored Quality.

When we launched Factored Quality, we had one goal: Become the go-to, all-in-one quality control platform for consumer goods brands. 

Over the past 18 months from launch, we’ve quietly built a unique “triple legged stool” of a company through a combination of our intelligent software platform, global QC network, and account management team with deep expertise in product development & manufacturing. 

The best part has been building this along w/ a massive network of customers, advisors, investors, and friends of the company and the team - and being able to give you all a front row seat to the ride.

Software: Major releases turn FQ into a true QC data hub

Phase 1 of Factored Quality focused on two elements: building our global network of high-quality third-party QC services, and building a software experience that helps streamline every brand’s unique QC processes. The FQ platform is well-loved by users for two reasons: 

  1. Our software is dramatically simpler and more scalable than the manual efforts — often over WeChat or email – of identifying and working with third-party QC inspectors. The FQ platform also allows you to customize each QC inspection to your exact product needs. 
  1. We built out a network of 2,000+ inspectors and auditors so you didn’t have to — enabling brands to test, inspect, and audit any product, anywhere in the world, at any time. 

Here’s where things get interesting: The data FQ collects from every inspection builds upon itself to tell a larger story. With this information, FQ enables brands to understand each supplier’s effectiveness in meeting QC standards.

“What percentage of inspections does this supplier pass?” “What types of defects occur?” “When, where, and why do they occur?” These questions and more can be found in FQ’s granular data analytics and insights component. 

But we didn’t want to stop there, and today have three massive product releases to help compound on our vision of being a central intelligent platform for manufacturing, QC, and supply chain visibility.

1. Onboard your operations team and centralize historical QC data in seconds

If you had conducted QC prior to FQ (i.e. inspections conducted internally or by another provider), we lacked the data to be your single source of truth. But with our latest software release, that gap no longer exists. FQ can now be your sole go-to platform to design, manage, and execute QC from end-to-end. 

Factored Quality can now ingest your historical QC inspection results and testing data, transpose them into a consistent data format, and upload them to your account. Whether your data came from inspectors in Mexico or Vietnam and exists in PDF, Google Sheets, or CSV files — FQ can utilize it. All of your quality testing and compliance data will be centralized and ready for analytics. It’s not just possible — it’s already live. 

2. Integrate FQ with your favorite tools

From Day 1, Factored Quality has taken an integration first approach to building with belief that the more connected our commerce enablement ecosystem is, the more value we can provide for customers. Today, FQ is rolling out integrations to connect all of your data and bring it into one place, enabling you to automatically pull in data for all of your suppliers, products/SKUs, sales, returns, customer feedback, and more. 

Today, we’re launching FQ Integrations and rolling out integration #1 with Anvyl, enabling automated, free-flowing data between our platforms and the ability to book QC inspections directly off of a purchase order. Anvyl is the premiere PO management platform for brands, aggregators, and retailers, and we’re thrilled to drive more automation through our two systems with this integration. 

3. Analyze everything in your preferred workspace

And finally: we’re thrilled to launch our FQ Analytics Hub - an intelligent portal that allows you to drill into product or supplier quality standards with ease. With FQ Analytics, you can understand which products/SKUs have the highest (or lowest!) quality defects. You can ask the same question of your suppliers and understand with detail - which suppliers are continuing to produce high quality product, & which ones need to build an action plan.

Pair this with our RCA/CAPA product - and we’ll help you triage challenges to navigate suppliers and get them back on track to producing high quality product in virtually no time.

Best of all, with our GraphQL API, you can pull this data into your native data warehouse or Looker/Metabase/BI tool of choice and run your own queries and analysis.Through all these new product launches, the Factored Quality team and global inspection network are always here to support you. 

We’ve partnered with over 2,000 global inspection, testing, and audit partners who can be deployed across 22+ countries (and growing) and serve as your eyes and ears on the ground of your supply chains. 

When you work with Factored Quality in addition to our software and managed services, you get access to a dedicated account manager who helps navigate you through the challenges of building a world class brand and operation. Vishva Somaya, Milena Keratsinova, and Adar Granot are our front lines to our customers and are here to make your lives easier.

Ensuring your product quality for years to come

Since the launch of Factored Quality, we’ve gone tri-continental, with offices in New York City, Europe, and Hong Kong. 

Most importantly, we’ve helped 100+ brands like Canopy, Dr. Squatch, and Lalo run QC, testing, and compliance anywhere on the globe. As we enter Q3, we’re thrilled to see Factored Quality become a true manufacturing, quality control, and supply chain visibility hub. 

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