What is product monitoring?

Product Monitoring

Taking these steps protects your brand by enforcing quality standards and saves money by reducing unusable product runs. 

When it comes to manufacturing a quality product, consistency is everything. It’s important that the manufacturing process is run in a way that ensures each unit meets requirements for function, design, and reliability. Production monitoring is an important tool for developing such a system. It determines whether there are deficiencies in the factory line that are causing the end item to fall short of specifications.

This process can include random sampling of units along the line to inspect to identify any consistent quality issues. If there are any issues with the products themselves, or with a particular part of the creation process, catching them at this stage allows you to correct them. Taking these steps protects your brand by enforcing quality standards and saves money by reducing unusable product runs. 

How does product monitoring work?

Product monitoring is a multi-step process, part of which is typically conducted daily. The monitoring itself is completed by a professional who will inspect the manufacturing line and look at products during the process, examine the end product, or do a combination of the two. They’ll choose samples at random to get a more statistically accurate picture of the quality of a batch being manufactured. If there are any problems, the inspector will work to determine where the defect occurs in the process and give recommendations for correcting it. All the information is gathered in a report to show what was done, whether standards were met, and what corrective actions may be necessary.

Of course, your items cannot be properly inspected without first establishing the inspection criteria. These are rooted in your specifications for the product, such as the color, physical dimensions, capacity, and durability, as well as any tolerances within each category. This information gives inspectors specific, measurable variables to check against and helps everyone prepare for the monitoring process. Having a clearer understanding of the products ensures the inspector can deduce which parts of the manufacturing process are more likely to experience issues than others, resulting in a faster, more efficient assessment.

The benefits of product monitoring go beyond the specific item being made. If there’s a consistent issue with production or meeting tolerances, your findings could inform the design of the product itself and future iterations. Understanding limitations can make it easier to create new designs that stay within the requirement boundaries, limiting defects and reducing costs while still meeting the overall expectations. 

Why work with Factored Quality?

When you need consistent and quality product monitoring for your factory or supplier, contact Factored Quality. Our infrastructure and expertise enable manufacturers to book professionals for a wide range of inspections and sampling procedures to ensure the quality of your products. Schedule a demo to find out why today’s top DTC, e-commerce, and retail brands trust us with their supply chain services.

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