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How Emulait simplified compliance testing ahead of its European launch with Factored Quality

How Emulait simplified compliance testing with Factored Quality
Tens of thousands
of dollars saved in admin expenses
saved thanks to FQ’s expertise in compliance

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“Factored Quality knocked our compliance testing out of the park. They did everything they said they would and more. They under-promised and over-delivered — I can’t recommend them enough to level up your compliance testing.”
Brian Bailey
Brian Bailey
COO at Emulait


Emulait is the first-of-its-kind biomimetic baby bottle that replicates the natural breast in form, feel, and function. By bridging the gap between bottle and breast, Emulait aims to help families give their babies the healthiest possible feeding experience. 

The Challenge

Strict compliance requirements left Emulait unraveling tangles of complicated red tape

Compliance testing is always complex, but the process is particularly demanding for baby and children's products.

As such, before Emulait could launch its products in Europe, they needed to ensure every product had certifications proving compliance with each country’s unique regulations. 

When Emulait first launched in the US, the team worked directly with the labs. However, this approach added extensive paperwork and sample shipments to the team’s already busy plates. This launch had the same administrative burden but with language barriers acting as an extra hurdle. 

Misinterpreting these nuances between each market’s requirements creates unnecessary back-and-forth, significantly increasing administrative costs and leaving them vulnerable for delays in launch. 

Knowing this, Emulait sought a compliance expert to navigate these bureaucratic processes and alleviate the administrative burden. This partner would need to:

  • Serve as a liaison between Emulait and compliance testing labs
  • Ensure reliable, cost-effective product certification across various countries
  • Be familiar with DTC businesses, particularly those in the baby care industry

That’s when Emulait found Factored Quality.

“After testing Factored Quality, we were committed to using them for compliance. They detailed each product, each country, and all requirements needed for compliance. And this allowed us to fly through compliance testing.” - Alexis Alban, Director of Product and Brand Integrity

The solution

FQ works directly with labs to streamline compliance testing on Emulait’s behalf

Partnering with FQ made complying with EU regulations a more straightforward process. FQ dealt directly with the labs to ensure they had everything needed to run their tests, minimizing the pull on Emulait's team. With Factored Quality as a critical point of contact, Emulait avoided potential missteps in the certification process, such as sending too few samples.

This extra support extended to handling follow-up, which is typically a huge headache for brands. With a streamlined certification process, Emulait focused on developing new products and researching new markets.

“Not only was Factored Quality quick to respond and detail-oriented, but they had someone in constant communication with the lab. And that person was available to answer all of our questions about product compliance.” - Alexis Alban, Director of Product and Brand Integrity

The Results

With FQ, Emulait likely saved tens of thousands on testing & validates customer trust

Having FQ’s support through the compliance testing’s bureaucratic hoops helped Emulait streamline the certifications process.

The Emulait team is confident that partnering with Factored Quality likely led to:

  • Tens of thousands of dollars saved in admin expenses
  • Months saved thanks to FQ’s expertise in compliance
  • Potential testing errors avoided

Moving forward, Emulait plans to use FQ to run additional quality inspections of their partners— including their manufacturers, warehouses, and fulfillment centers — validating customer trust and maintaining Emulait’s best-in-class standard as they scale.

“We’re 100% using Factored Quality in different capacities in the future. Their expertise, the quality of client service, how they understand our needs, and, ultimately, the fact that they save us time and money is unbeatable.” - Brian Bailey, COO at Emulait

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