Taking our customer experience to the next level: Q3 2023 Update


Learn more about the latest updates from Factored Quality and where we are focused on delivering for our clients.

At Factored Quality, we’re obsessed with customer satisfaction. So we designed our quality control platform with a singular purpose: to help consumer goods brands grow their operations. 

We’ve built the infrastructure and tools emerging brands need to find a factory partner, place a purchase order, and monitor product quality — in a centralized, fully customizable dashboard full of powerful insights. Plus, we’ve got plans to make it even easier for consumer brands to grow.

As we head into Q4 of our second year, I’m incredibly proud of how FQ has grown. Our network of customers, investors, partners, and vendors continues to flourish. And now our team is growing, too. So we can focus on what matters most: our end-to-end customer experience.

Investing in team: Our fast-growing operation needs best-in-class support

In Q3 we added new hires to engineering, operations, sales, and marketing. What’s most amazing is everyone we’ve brought on board understands the importance of our customer experience in our brand ethos. At the end of the day, our brands are why we’re here.

To help us reinforce that dedication to our customers, we held onsite meetings with our U.S. and Asia teams. We focused on nurturing our relationships — with business partners and each other.

  • External relationships – In Hong Kong, we met with inspection partners and other vendors to ensure customers get high-quality products from their manufacturers.
  • Internal relationships – In the U.S, we learned how each role fits into the organization and how each person works to improve our product and the customer’s experience.We hosted a fireside chat with customers from ‘What Do You Meme’, immersed ourselves in the product production process at Doris Dev, and chatted with industry leaders.

Thanks to that transparency, we are better equipped to balance the needs of the demand side (our customers) with the capabilities of the supply side (our vendors). 

Investing in product: Platform improvement leads to upgraded CX 

New team members also opened up more bandwidth for us to dig into customer feedback and fine-tune our existing features. So far, we’ve launched three upgraded features: our PDF converter, the analytics dashboard, and our external-facing API.

1. PDF Data Converter 

With our latest update, you can upload your old QC data to your favorite file management platform, and FQ will convert the PDF into data you can use. Then you can use that historical data to inform product quality decisions, get insight into shipping delays, and adapt to manufacturing issues.

2. FQ Analytics Hub

We’ve also improved our dashboard with more advanced tools and full customization. With more control over your centralized product quality data, you’ll gain better visibility than ever before into your sales, QC, and shipping insights. 

3. Our External API 

Factored Quality’s API update gives you more insights into your QC data by incorporating it into your analytics dashboard. You can link your shipping, fulfillment, manufacturing, and e-commerce platforms for better visibility into key product quality metrics. These integrations help you:

  • Cross-reference QC data with returns
  • Compare expected and actual delivery times
  • Automate logistics between inspection and loading for faster delivery 
  • Get a holistic overview of the entire supply chain
  • Combine sales data with manufacturing and product quality data

Investing in partners: Factored Quality’s vision to streamline financing

When we launched Factored Quality’s intelligent QC platform, we saw how difficult it was for emerging brands to find inventory financing. Lenders don’t want to take on the financial risk of a young brand and an inexperienced business owner. But a brand that uses Factored Quality isn’t as much of a risk.

Case in point: We recently started conversations with a European skincare company. Their demand is through the roof, but they don’t have enough capital to finance all their inventory. In our vision, this brand could get pre-approved for a loan from one of our financing partners. 

Because FQ inspects their goods at every stage — raw materials, manufacturing, 3PL, etc. — lenders will be more comfortable financing their inventory. They know the product is top quality and that the business is able to store their goods, ship globally, and deliver on time.

We hope that soon we’ll be able to say, "You can come into Factored Quality for QC, but we can also introduce you to capital partners to take you through the next phase of your growth."

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