The Jolie playbook for customer experience: brand, focus, and quality


Jolie Co-Founder Arjan Singh unpacks three ways his beauty and wellness brand ensures a top-tier client experience.

“We've created the best shower head that exists on the market. We need to make sure the customer’s expectations are identical to what they actually receive. Factored Quality enables that & ensures our return rate remains very low.”
Arjan Singh
Arjan Singh
Co-Founder & Head of Brand Marketing & Operations

A positive customer experience is top of mind for many DTC founders — and understandably so. It’s critical to growing a sustainable brand. 

Arjan Singh, Co-Founder and Head of Brand Marketing & Operations at Jolie, has followed this mantra in both supply chain management and product development. 

Below, he unpacks three ways his beauty and wellness brand ensures the top-tier product experience their users have come to expect. 

“The Jolie team brings the same simplicity to the brand that we bring to the operations and supply chain sides. There's no need to overcomplicate things. That's when there's more room for error.” 

1. Prioritize customer experiences above all

Jolie’s flagship offering is their best-in-class filtered shower head. With this, the customer’s experience of that product is critical — at every touchpoint. This ranges from brand messaging that focuses on that value proposition to ensuring strict quality control during the manufacturing process. 

That’s why the Jolie team has partnered with Factored Quality: to ensure all of Jolie’s manufacturers do their part to comply with quality checklists and inspections. 

FQ dives deep into Jolie’s inspections and audits to ensure the customer experience is never sacrificed in favor of speed or automation. Instead, the two are married to create a consistent customer experience with less manual lift. 

“As a business, Jolie sees a very low return rate. That is attributable to ensuring we can stand behind the quality of the product.” 

2. Focus your resources based on customer opinion

When Jolie launched their shower head, they didn’t expect the product to blow up the way it has. Now, every ounce of their time and energy is focused on capitalizing on that momentum. 

In Arjan’s words: “Our focus as a business is focus.” If what Jolie customers love is their one-of-a-kind shower head, the brand will zero in there. And if the customer experience shifts focus, the Jolie team will follow. 

In service to that focus, Jolie has partnered with FQ to automate quality control mechanisms with our team’s “white-glove service.” As a result, (nearly) every customer who unboxes and tries out their Jolie shower head receives a defect-free product experience. 

“We love creating new products, & that’s a lot of fun, we’ve realized very quickly that our shower head has taken off. For now, Jolie as a business is remaining laser-focused on what’s working.” 

3. Lower your risk of returns

To date, Jolie has a return rate of less than 5% — and maintaining that return rate is largely due to Factored Quality’s rigorous quality control services. 

From the first time a user clicks on Jolie’s site, they know what kind of product they can expect. Ensuring that quality is realistic and retained from the PDP images to the unboxing is paramount to consistent customer satisfaction and little-to-no returns. 

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