Introducing FQ’s Quality Scorecard: a free way to build a better QC process

Introducing FQ’s Quality Scorecard: a free way to build a better QC process

A comprehensive way to measure and find ways to enhance your existing QC processes

Building your new product has taken hard work. Months — maybe even years — went into perfecting every detail. It's exactly how you want it to be — but it hasn't shipped yet.

With so much time invested, you want the customer to receive the same version of the product you see now. The only way to guarantee everything is exactly as you imagine is with a strong quality control process.

Factored Quality's Quality Scorecard is a free tool that ensures that your QC process is exceptional  — so your product is, too. With a scoring system that compares your brand’s practices to top industry leaders, you’ll know you’re making the right quality improvements.

Meet the Quality Scorecard

Our Scorecard gives you a playbook for responsibly manufacturing products your customers will love. It will ask you questions about your current processes and then compare your answers to the practices of 100+ top-notch brands, like Jolie, Canopy, and Halfdays. Every question targets a different aspect of quality control, from sourcing suppliers and inspectors to consistent auditing and manufacturing processes.

From the insights it reveals, our free Quality Scorecard will help you answer your most pressing questions, such as:

  • What QC practices should I be doing?
  • How do top brands manage quality control?
  • Why is their QC process necessary?
  • How do we integrate their quality practices?

Emerging brands want to know how the best-performing brands and products maintain a dedication to quality. The Quality Scorecard makes it easy for you to do just that.

Get direct and actionable insights into your QC process

Our Quality Scorecard provides a final letter grade and score that reflects your current processes. These grades are a simple representation of your quality control practices — making it easy to spot gaps or confirm top-tier practices.

Once you complete the Scorecard, you receive your letter grade and final score out of 27.

  • “A” (21-27) reflects best-in-class QC practices
  • “B” (15-20) displays an above-average performance with room to improve
  • “C” (7-14) represents the bare minimum quality standards
  • “D” (0-6) indicates a severe risk for QC and compliance issues

These grades will show you areas of opportunity in your QC process so you can make strategic improvements. Getting a clear indicator for how your brand currently defines quality helps get to the heart of how you can improve your score.

How the QC Scorecard benefits your brand

Managing quality control isn’t a one-and-done checklist but rather a constantly evolving process. Keeping up with new requirements and customer expectations ensures you're meeting their needs and separating yourself from the competition.

To ensure consistent QC practices, our Quality Scorecard empowers brands with:

Targeted insights

The QC Scorecard serves as a spotlight, illuminating the top-quality KPIs and reflecting the current performance of your existing processes. These insights allow your brand to identify specific gaps in your quality control and plot out strategic improvements. Targeting weaknesses that might otherwise go unnoticed focuses your quality control efforts where it counts.

Customized recommendations

One size does not fit all, especially regarding quality control. We built our Scorecard to help our team tailor customized recommendations to your brand's unique processes. 

Our quality experts can use your brand’s unique score to determine the best steps towards growth. Routinely checking in with your brand’s QC score helps you consistently measure quality standards and spot improvements as they arise.

Benchmarks against market leaders 

To become a frontrunner in quality, your brand must benchmark its performance against industry leaders. Our quality scorecard compares and contrasts your brand's practices with those of the best in the business. Spotting the similarities and differences helps your brand become a recognized quality leader.

Use our free Scorecard to identify your QC gaps

We’re thrilled to share our brand new Quality Scorecard — our latest step to make QC easier for all brands! See how this free, easy-to-use tool can spot hidden gaps in quality to boost brand success. Our team is standing by to help guide you towards the actions that will best improve your QC practices.

Complete your Scorecard today to get started!

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