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Supplier Audits

Factored Quality brings all of your quality control needs together into one unified platform. Our network of 2,000+ inspectors means you can audit any supplier, anywhere in the world, at any time.

Factory Audits

Social Audits

Environmental Audits

The Problem

Global coverage and visibility

Factored Quality connects brands with QC, compliance, and testing inspectors & auditors, globally. Our network of partners are trained, certified, and vetted, and serve as your eyes and ears on the ground at your local manufacturing sites.

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Factored Quality brings all of your quality control and compliance operations together into one unified platform.

Quality Control




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The Platform

Simplifying your supply chain

Factored Quality streamlines communication between operations teams, labs, and inspectors around the world.

  • Easy bookings for both internal and third-party QC teams
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Record and store audit documentation
  • Supply chain software integrations
  • Access to network of 2000+ inspectors, labs, and auditors in 30+ countries
Factored Quality Web Application

Fill Out a Quality Control Scorecard

Learn how your brand’s QC performance compares to the industry standard, and the Factored Quality team will provide customized recommendations based on your score. Start your scorecard here.


Create Custom Audit Checklists

After completing the QC Scorecard, you'll work with our team to build a custom checklist for your supplier audits.


Book and Complete Supplier Audits

Use the Factored Quality with your PO management tool, ERP, freight forwarder, or more, to seamlessly book supplier audits.


Meet Supplier Standards

Once your audits are complete and any necessary adjustments have been made, you'll be confident in your suppliers' production practices.

Our services

Services for every part of your product journey

From ideation, to production, and even warehousing. FQ has you covered.

FQ Resources
Supplier Auditing Resources
The Factored Quality Guide to Supplier Audits
Any consumer brand will know navigating from product development to warehouse inventory audits is a highly specific process.
Which quality control strategy is right for your brand?
At Factored Quality, we’re on a mission to make quality control, testing, and compliance simple — no matter where you manufacture your products.
How to implement your brand’s first QC scorecard
Quality control scorecards provide an objective way to measure and grade your supply chain’s product quality. Here’s how this resource works.
How to book a factory quality control audit
A factory audit addresses how well a facility meets its own quality control inspection standards and complies with federal, state, and local regulations that pertain to the industry.
Why are factory audits necessary?
A factory audit is a tool for making sure facilities meet customer standards, as well as requirements for specific regions and markets.
What is an ethical audit
Ethical audits are tools to ensure the workforce in your global supply chain operates in humane working conditions. This helps your company succeed ethically while building a reputation for social accountability.
“Quality is the last thing companies think about and the first thing customers notice. This is a big white space in the field of technology and we are really glad that we found Factored Quality.”
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